pikka-bird-puppet 0.1.0 Python ops monitoring tool released

2015-07-12 · Computing

pikka-bird-puppet: Pikka Bird ops monitoring tool Puppet module.


I’m pleased to announce pikka-bird-puppet 0.1.0—the very first release, providing support for pikka-bird-collector 0.2.0 and pikka-bird-server 0.1.0.


  • first release! :D

  • configure a fully-functional metrics collector using just 1 parameter; around 30 parameters supported in total [tiredpixel]

  • configure a fully-functional metrics server using just 1 parameter (actually, you could do it with 0); around 25 parameters supported in total [tiredpixel]

  • support for Pikka Bird Collector 0.2.0, including: creating system user, upgrading Pip, installing Collector package, defining service, bringing online and sending metrics to Server [tiredpixel]

  • support for Pikka Bird Server 0.1.0, including: installing package bindings dependencies, installing Server package; defining service, migrating database, bringing online and receiving metrics from Collector [tiredpixel]

  • automatic database schema migrations [tiredpixel]

  • no Collector service configs (yet), but already automatic support for: load average; CPU usage; memory usage; disk usage [tiredpixel]