bank-account-statement 1.0.0 (Ruby) released

2015-12-19 · Computing

bank-account-statement: Bank account statement format transformation (HTML, TXT to OFX, CSV). (MIT Licence)

I’m pleased to announce bank-account-statement 1.0.0, the first major release!

Bank Account Statement is a program for transforming the format of bank account statements. For some reason, many banks don’t offer online bank statements in a readily-consumable format (this seems to be especially true in the UK). For example, despite it being possible to view bank statements online for UK bank The Co-operative Bank, statements for personal current (checking) accounts cannot be downloaded except in HTML. Business accounts often don’t fare much better.

Bank Account Statement mitigates this problem by providing input parsers and output generators, with a simple executable. Unlike various other similar programs, I am prepared to accept pull-requests for other banks and output formats. (Please remember to sanitise test fixtures!)



  • [#2] add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/CreditCard/V_2011_04_09, parsing HTML The Co-operative Bank (GB) Personal Credit Card bank account statements downloaded from 2011-04-09 onwards [tiredpixel]

  • [#2] add input format HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal/CreditCard/V_2015_05_27, parsing HTML The Co-operative Bank (GB) Personal Credit Card bank account statements downloaded from 2015-05-27 onwards [tiredpixel]

  • [#2] extend output format OFX/V_2_1_1 to support credit card statements [tiredpixel]

  • [#7] fix HTML/CPBKGB22/Personal negative balances throughout [tiredpixel]

  • [#5] add input format TXT/CPBKGB22/Business/Current/V_2015_12_06, parsing TXT The Co-operative Bank (GB) Business Current account statements downloaded from 2015-12-06 onwards [tiredpixel]

  • [#4] add output format CSV/Column_2, generating ‘2-column’ (separate withdrawals and deposits columns) CSV files [tiredpixel]

  • first major release! :D supporting: The Co-operative Bank (GB) Personal account HTML input (2 Credit Card formats, 2 Current formats, 2 Savings formats); The Co-operative Bank (GB) Business account TXT input (1 Current format); OFX (Open Financial Exchange) 2.1.1 output; CSV output



45cc7497b8e31f18fd14ee0bb7e17787  bank-account-statement-1.0.0.gem


c83d8272d3dad1167194d4963e9d557cb8167079386ef86ee916ed70917b651d  bank-account-statement-1.0.0.gem


In addition to the checksums above, the Git tags are signed using my OpenPGP key, and the RubyGems packages are signed supporting

gem install bank-account-statement -P MediumSecurity