Multiglot 8—new website and lots of app improvements

2023-09-19 · Multiglot

This is not the canonical version of this post.

I’m pleased to present the eighth version of Multiglot—a free web app for learning words in foreign languages. Multiglot now has 5275 flashcards across 5 languages, using 4899 images. For the first time, Multiglot has its own dedicated website, separate from the app. This will make it easier to add more information about language-learning with Multiglot. I’m also pleased to welcome our 301st user! Multiglot is tiny compared to the other language apps out there, but given that it was only released one year ago and still isn’t being developed full-time, that feels like an achievement! A big thanks to those of you who have offered feedback and support this first year.

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